What do you get with Objective-X coaching?

The coach at Objective-X is Chris Andrews, a mountaineer with Himalayan high altitude experience, countless days climbing in the Alps and many expeditions to his name. Chris studied Exercise and Sport Sciences at Exeter University and now applies his academic expertise to mountaineering and expeditionary training. He has spent the past 5 years coaching and climbing with clients, preparing them for various objectives around the world.


Your coaching begins with a consultation with Chris. During your consultation the first thing is to establish who you are and what your objective is. We plot this on your Objective-X Timeline, along with any short term goals along the way. We will look at how much and what type of training you will need and we will set short and medium term goals to fit in with your objective. Your coach will ensure that these are realistic and achievable while still pushing your evolution.

During the consultation phase you will receive a pack which contains a questionnaire used by your coach to create a psychological training plan which will aid in developing your physical training and set you up for developing your mind in sync with your body as you progress. This is vitally important for any multi-day, arduous event.

Athlete Interface

You will be introduced to the Athlete Interface Tools. These were created by Chris to prevent over-training and burn-out in athletes and is an excellent set of tools for monitoring and planning your progression. Using the Athlete interface you will interact with your coach with daily messages and advice on each training cycle.


You are now part of Team Objective-X and your training can begin. You will use the Athlete Interface to create your profile and interact with Your coach. Each day you write about how your training is going and how it feels. Your coach uses this information coupled with the data from your Fatigue Index and any other information you have given him to plan your next training cycle. You are able to ask questions at any time and will be guided as to what you should be doing, using the resources that are available to you.

Now you are ready to begin your training. You are able to talk to your coach using the tools available and as your training develops they will be available on the phone or Skype to discuss the upcoming phases of your training.

All of the advice given is scientifically sound and does not submit to “flavour of the month” training plans and the attached marketing of them. Everything is tailored to suit your needs and your lifestyle and you will never be given a generic training plan. Each training cycle builds progressively from the last and each one is given to you in a flexible form so that you can do the right training depending on how you feel on that day.

The Expeditioner package is an in depth coaching package and means you will get almost constant interaction with your coach. You will be able to speak to them daily, and every one of your training sessions will be looked at and analysed in detail. The benefit of this is that it allows an extremely flexible approach to training, highly personalised and adaptable to fit in around you and your life. It is advised for people undertaking huge objectives or those who have no previous history of structured training. With the Expeditioner package you can expect visits from your coach to discuss your training in more detail, face-to- face.

£450 monthly

The Adventurer package is ideal for anyone who needs guidance for enhancing their performance but already has an understanding of how they like to train. You will not get quite as much of your coach’s time but they will be monitoring your training most days and will respond to messages as soon as possible. Often used by adventure racers or ultra-runners. If you are an athlete who fears regular injury or over-trains then the chances are that you will benefit from the Adventurer package.

£280 monthly

Perfect for those who do not necessarily want to push the limits but want to enjoy the benefits of increased fitness while using the outdoors to inspire them. You may already have a trip planned or you may want to plan something for the future. This is a fantastic option for an individual or a couple who just want some help to feel more able to enjoy their trips without the worry of missing out because of physical limitations. During the consultation we can discuss the sorts of adventures that may be suitable for you and your current levels of fitness. An excellent opportunity to quiz the Objective-X team about their extensive experience of travelling around the world.

£199 monthly

Why not use a generic training plan?

There are countless training plans out there which claim to get you “ready for a marathon in 12 weeks” or “half iron-man in 2 months” etc. The first problem with these very prescriptive plans is that they never account for things like an illness, or a wedding that interferes with training, so what happens when you miss a week? Most people push harder to catch up and this will likely cause injury. Overtraining is a serious concern of a motivated endurance athlete and it can destroy your chances of success. The second problem is that they don’t (and neither do many coaches) consider the fact that everyone reacts differently to training. There is a genetic factor to how much we can do. If everyone did the same training the results would be hugely varied because of how each body reacts to training. Don’t rely on generic plans, they will at best keep you going and at worst; injure you but what they certainly won’t do is help you achieve your full potential.

How much contact will I have with my coach?

Using the Athlete interface you will record all the training you do. This will be reviewed by your coach throughout the week and any questions you have will be answered as soon as possible.
Once per training cycle (usually 6-7) days your coach will write a detailed description of the type of training you are to do for your next cycle. This can also be done on the phone/skype etc. The above is a minimum. Usually you will find that you have more contact with your coach at the beginning
of your training as you both work out what is best for you. Once established, you will need less contact until you begin a new evolution of training, at which point you will once again increase your contact time.

Why do I need a specialist coach?

Going on expeditions can be dangerous. The environments are often extreme and the physical challenges can be immense. The consequence of being underprepared can be fatal. By having a specialist coach you are equipping yourself as well as you can to survive and succeed with your objective. A general coach or trainer may miss a critical part of your preparation, leaving you at risk. With a specialist, your entire plan is built around your final objective, this means that your training will be as efficient as possible and will cover all the relevant components of fitness. Your specialist coach will also be able to answer and assist with any technical questions or training you need. The tougher, more resilient and better trained you are for the mountains the higher your chance of surviving them is: Don’t rely on a general approach.

How can I tell if my training is working?

Using the Athlete interface means that all your progress is recorded, tracked and monitored. This is viewed by you and your coach and with it you are able to see increases in performance. You will be getting constant feedback from your body and by recording this feedback using the Interface Tools and discussing them with your coach you will feel your body responding to training. You will also be given specific assessments throughout your training which will be used to quantify your progress.

In order to get the most out of their training most of our UK clients book a Mountain Training Weekend during which you will have a weekend of intensive 1 on 1 training in Snowdonia or the Brecon Beacons with your coach. This will involve 2 days of training throughout which you can expect your practical fitness to be fully assessed as you use the mountains of Wales to train. Chris uses a variety of methods to work out and tune your body for endurance events.

Mountain Training Weekend Book Mountain Weekend


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