Mountain Training Weekend

Mountain Training Weekend
Organise booking £450 / WEEKEND

A one-on-one weekend with Chris Andrews in the mountains of Wales is an excellent way to build and develop your training. An opportunity to ask Chris any questions you may have while he looks at all aspects of your fitness. At key points throughout the weekend scientific blood lactate monitoring will be used by Chris to work out your maximal output while resisting fatigue on the mountains.

For the athlete, a typical weekend will begin on the Saturday morning with some biometric profiling which gives your coach an immediate insight in to your fitness level, this takes about 30 minutes. After this a long day on the hills working in all the training you need in a varied and interesting way which means that you get the long hours that you need without being bored in a gym.

The Sunday will be a shorter day, consisting of more specialised training, focusing upon any areas your coach feels are needed. It is also an opportunity to go over any technical training you may wish to cover in preparation for your big Objective. This could include rope skills or mountain first aid training.

Even if you are not embarking on a huge objective and just want to get fitter in a lovely area without the monotony of gyms or crowded parks, this is the perfect healthy weekend, you don’t need to be fit to begin with as everything can be arranged to suit your needs. You get to explore the mountains of Wales with Chris, a qualified Mountain Leader who will show you the hidden gems of the mountains while you subtly get a lot fitter without noticing. (You can eat as many of your favourite sweets as you like while walking, you’ll still come away fitter).

Either the Brecon Beacons or Snowdonia are accessible for the weekend from London. The Beacons especially are conveniently located near to the M4 and is a great place to begin exploring the hills.

Mountain Training
  • The price is the same for up to 6 people so feel free to bring friends or training partners.
  • If you want to bring your family then there is plenty for them to do while you train, they can even be set up with another instructor for a climbing weekend (although there is an additional cost).
  • Chris is also a Lv.3 MIAS mountain bike leader which means that mountain bikes can be used if you can already ride.
Organise booking £450 / WEEKEND


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