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Training well and eating well go hand in hand. In order for us to get the best results from our training we must recover from each session. We do this through a combination of rest and diet. If you want to make the most of every one of your training sessions, then having a consultation with Mieke about your nutritional needs could be the way to evolve your recovery and develop your performance.

Your coach and nutritionist work closely together, and so your training and dietary needs will be synchronised from the start. Your team is here to help you achieve as much as possible in the most efficient way possible.

With the right nutrition it is possible to cut off seconds in a running competition. But the tougher and longer the challenge, the more important nutrition becomes. To keep your body fuelled for long exhaustive exercise it is not only a matter of having the right nutrition in your backpack. It also involves your behaviour, timing and training to be able to digest during exercise.

Nutrition should always be a part of training, helping us to avoid fatigue, overtraining, digestion issues etc. When changes in body composition are desirable, such as weight gain, weight loss or increasing muscle mass, nutrition is the key to making this happen.

In order to train at a high enough volume to be fit enough for endurance objectives we must eat correctly so that we get the benefits from each session.

Mieke’s advantage as a nutritionist lies not only in her academic work but also in her understanding of mountaineering and ultra-endurance events as a participant. You can see her profile here

Your Consultation

Your consultation with Mieke is used to create a very personalised diet plan for you. Mieke will take in to account your current habits, preferences and allergies in order to adjust your diet and create a plan to improve your performance.

A nutritional consultation always includes:

  • A 60-minute discussion.
  • Dietary assessment (including 3-days dietary history assessment)
  • From the consultation you will receive a written report summarising your requirements
  • One follow-up consultation of at least 30 minutes as a check-up. The objective would be a fine-tune of the new diet and to align this better to your objective and current training activities.

If you have other objectives which you would like to discuss then it is advisable to extend the nutritional consultation with the following:

Also something to consider: Group consultation

When you are preparing your activity with a group, it could be helpful to give a workshop or presentation regarding nutrition. We can develop a tailor made presentation or workshop that gives you and your team head-start regarding nutrition.

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