Objective-X Testimonials


The expedition involved six days of summer mountaineering, covering nearly 100km and traversing Jötunheimen National Park, the ‘home of the giants’


Objective X Testimonial

The beautiful lakeside campsite half way through the trek.

The package aimed to develop key navigational skills, determination and teamwork while being exposed to a challenging mountain environment; and through doing so achieving the Summer Mountain Foundation qualification.My group leader and guide was Objective-X coach, Chris Andrews.

Chris taught the essential mountaineering skills effectively, encouraging us to practice navigating, route planning and leading the group while offering one-to-one tuition and guidance where needed.

Chris instantly became part of our team and was really easy to get on with from the get go; he was a big inspiration to a lot of the potential officers, with his adventurous background of expeditions around the World.

A mixed-ability group, Chris managed to push us in one-way or another, physically and mentally (not literally), and encouraged us to work as a team to meet goals; we were the only group that managed to summit the tallest peak of the trip.

Jötunheimen National Park

Trekking across Jötunheimen National Park

As future British Army Officers, Chris’ focus on leadership and teamwork was especially useful.  I think the challenging environment brought out the best in every team member and this was greatly facilitated by Chris.

I would definitely recommend Chris to anyone hoping to develop their mountaineering skills and push themselves to achieve new goals – or even just to get more out of the mountains.

Beth Albon – 2 Lt (RAMC)




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